People I am thankful to :-

1) My wife Mandy Trivedi :-
For being so supportive and a kickass companion that every guy should want.
2) My daughter Grace Uma Trivedi:-
For being who she is. She fills me up with the necessary enthusiasm to go through life the way I do.
3) My mom :-
For raising me the way she did. Always encouraging with just the right amount of guilt to keep me in check. Thanks ma !
4) Comedians :-
Each and every one of you. Thanks for entertaining. Whether you killed or you ate it you got on stage and that helped me in ways
                            you can't even imagine.
5) Houston Comics :-
Thanks for taking care of me when I was up and coming. Yes you called me Haaji affectionately but you guys also commented
                            and corrected my act when there was no one else. Also thanks for getting me started on drinking.
6) Burningman community :-
If it wasn't for you guys I would be a corporate person without the juice of art in my life. Also thanks for some of the   best hallucinogenic experiences of my life. Also thanks for introducing me to my wife.
7) Sacramento Comedy Community :-  Thanks for being around when no one was.
8) Eddie Brille :-
Thanks for accepting me and my standup with open arms. Thanks for every critique you have given me and thanks for every recommendation you have given. I have taken all of it to heart. You are one of the biggest influences on my standup and life.  .
9) Mark Babbit (Manager of the Laff Stop):-
Thanks for giving me my first paid gig ! Thanks for the faith you put on an up and coming comic.
10) Russell Peters :- Thanks for being such a kickass headliner and a friend. Thanks for the TV gig and thanks for the faith you put in me .
11) Piyush Pandya and Shileen Desai :-
Thanks for putting me on the Gurus of Comedy Tour. I learnt a lot and it was an AWESOME experience.
12) My Grandpa :- For trusting me and helping me get  to the U.S. of A.
13) Texas Tech University :- Thanks for accepting me despite the fact that my GMAT scores were about 30% HIGHER than your average.
       You could have given me a scholarship but you gave me an assistantship which made me work for my instate which made me stronger.
14) Hotel Owners in Lubbock,Tx :- Thanks for the night job. 3$ an hour is good pay for a student. Free HBO too . YAY !
15) Collective Technology :- Thanks for the day job. It was good while it lasted and I had fun. You guys let me go but called me back and you gave me a lot of time to look for a new job while on your payroll.
16) Molly Schminke :- Thanks for being the booker for one of the finest clubs in the country and being so so approachable. Thanks for all the weeks and all the help for the career.
17) Justin Hollister and Jim :- Thanks for the great shows at the S.J. Improv. Thanks for all the feature gigs.
18) Pundits with Punchlines Comics :- Thanks for being such an awesome team. Samson, Hasan, Nitin, Dhaya, Reenita,Kabir,Ali - without you guys the shows wouldn't be wwhat they are .
18) CoExist Comedy Team :- Thanks for being such a fantastic team. I couldn't be with a better group of comics . Keith,John,Tissa, Sammy,Chad. Thanks for all that you have done for the tour.