If you are a charity looking to hire Tapan for a function here are a few things you need to consider

I am always looking for ways to donate his time to a good cause and have a goal of doing atleast
8 shows a year towards charity.  Besides donating his skills Tapan has often opened his heart ,
his house and his wallet for deserving charities.

Your  event should meet the follwing criteria
      1) Your organization must have a Federal Id number which can be used for
      tax purposes
      2) Your event should have no less than 300 people in attendance
      3) Your organization will allow Tapan to sell his DVDs
      4) Your event will lend Tapan your mailing list email and adresses. Tapan
      promises never to share it with anyone else and not to use the same more
      than twice a month. Alternatively you can use a sign up sheet at your event
      to let people sign up for Tapan's mailing list.
      5) Your event must support a cause Tapan agrees with..

Here are a few charities Tapan has worked for in the past. If you are with one of the following
charities you can be sure that Tapan will do your event pending date availability .

CRY America
Big Brother Organization
ACLU Foundation
American Cancer Society